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Where to next? December 12, 2010

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I was just signing into WordPress to write my next blog (well more like stare at the screen as I hadn’t yet decided on the topic I should write about) when I saw this in Freshly Pressed and had a quick read of Kristen Lamb’s blog – Writer’s Reality Check

The writer is correct in many of the things she highlights and specifically for me is not to document the writing process as much as just writing content.
While I know the topic of my first book and I have a vague idea of how it will span out, I need to start testing the water in my blog with small excerpts, to see what they look like in print and more importantly to have other people read it, rather than just have it all my notebook where it has been for the past couple of years.

Update from last week – I’m still working on the article submissions and copyediting for my first job, and still loving it. So far I’ve had good feedback from the freelance company about the work I’ve already done and they keep sending me more, including going out to interview someone for one of the pieces – why didn’t I realise this is what I wanted to do earlier?? Ah well, better late than never I guess!

I still haven’t completed my first assignment for the copywriting course (Writer’s Bureau) – shame on me.


Anyway, for this week, I thought I needed to counter the balance somewhat on last week’s blog and discuss all the good (even great) things about being an expat.

Weather – obviously this doesn’t apply to every expat but certainly in Asia, where I am currently, I have no complaints about trains breaking down due to the cold weather, slippery ice, hot water boilers breaking and not having enough thermals to last the winter. I have to feel sorry for those in the colder climates right now, my friends and family included. It’s amazing how a weather situation can cause so much chaos – just this week I’ve heard about kids having to sleep in their school because the snow was too high up the doors, lorry drivers sleeping in their trucks on major motorways and people literally freezing to death in their own homes. It still astounds me that we can send people into outer space but still not cope with extreme weather on earth. As a child I loved the ‘snow days’ where the school was closed for a few days at a time and all you could was have snowball fights in the street with your friends, great fun! But nowadays, give me sunshine and warmth any day (everyday in fact!). For the five years I have lived out of the UK I have always wanted to go home for a white Christmas but I know that after a day of being back I would be cursing the eight layers of clothing I had to put on just to go to the end of the street. I was definitely built for warmer climates thank you 🙂

Food – yes we all know that England isn’t top of the world culinary destinations so this is kind of an easy one but seriously, I love trying the wider variety of food on offer in Asia. I can walk to any street food stall, spend less than $5 and have a delicious, tasty and freshly cooked meal within minutes. Of course I still miss certain English delicacies (mushy peas, Cadbury chocolate, ‘proper’ fish n chips and mash potato) but if you look hard enough you can find them in other countries too for when that craving just gets too much to bear. I find myself craving any form of potato, bread and cheese the most.

Like-minded people – as an expat you tend to be drawn (or thrown) towards other expats. No matter how strongly you believe you will integrate into the local community there will inevitably come a time when you just want to have a conversation with people who are in the same situation as you and understand homesickness / deciding when to go home / missing out on certain events back home. But this can be a blessing too because chances are they are very similar people to you – you have both taken the plunge to leave home and are both probably experiencing the same things in your new environment. These are often the types of people you might not necessarily have classed as ‘your type’ back home, but now you are both in the same boat you tend to see your friendship group widens and you meet a whole range of different people to broaden your horizons, which is fabulous and only helps to enrich your life.

I love being an expat!

See you next week for the first ‘sharing’ of the book.

Thanks for reading.



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