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Information Overload June 25, 2011

Posted by howibecameawriter in Uncategorized.

I now understand the phrase ‘paralysis by analysis’. Total information overload is happening at the moment. Over the past few months since I started blogging, started thinking about a change in life path, and taking action towards making those changes, I have subscribed to hundreds of various websites, email newsletters, videos, audios, tele-courses – you name it, it’s in my inbox! Add that to the Twitter updates, WordPress and ezine training series and some awful ‘get rich quick’ sales letters and my inbox would rival any CEOs.

I had been putting it off and delaying the inevitable but today, finally, I had a massive splurge, unsubscribed from those sites where I was never realistically going to buy anything or get any good content from and set up email rules so I can filter out the junk from the useful stuff. It’s amazing how much lighter I feel just by doing this exercise.

This is not to say the information isn’t useful but in that volume and frequency it was turning me off so much I stopped checking my emails altogether. I now have a rule that if I see an email I do not immediately open and read then it hasn’t caught my attention enough to keep and it gets deleted straight away. I believe the universe will bring me the information I really need, and the rest – well I can still use Google right?!

Ah, glad to have that off my chest. Now, here’s to a more productive day (3 ezine articles submitted already!)



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