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I did the uni thing and studied hard, then I did the work thing and worked even harder. But after several years of trying to pursue what I thought I wanted in life (higher salary, better titles etc) I realised that it just wasn’t what I was passionate about.   I have always loved books and writing stories but never thought I would be someone to make a ‘proper job’ out of it. But one day something inside me just snapped and I knew I couldn’t live a life doing what I didn’t enjoy everyday.

I was recently shown a video of Steve Jobs (Apple Inc. CEO) giving an inspiring commencement speech to some Stanford College graduates.  In his speech he said that if you look in the mirror each day and ask yourself  “If today was your last day on earth, would this be how you would want to spend it?” and the answer is ‘no’ several days in a row, you’re probably not doing what you love.  This might sound easy to say and harder to do anything about, but it hit me hard that I had been saying ‘no’ for too many days, weeks, months that I had lost count. And so, here I am, trying to turn that ‘no’ into a resounding ‘yes’ everyday for the rest of my time on this earth. Search this video on Youtube or Google and I’m sure you will be moved by something in it too.

Throughout my blog posts you will learn more about me, gradually. but here are a few quick things to feed your curiosity:

1. I love love love dogs (although I don’t have any at the moment, I already have the names selected for them).

2. I am originally from the UK, but have lived as an expat in various countries.

3. I love ocean views and get cabin fever if I can’t see the ocean after a few days.

4. My goal is to have a book published before the age of 35 (still have a few years to go!)



1. mbarkersimpson - November 27, 2010


Really enjoyed the blog, but I couldn’t find a way to reply to your posts. Is it your intention to add content but not allow comments? I can understand why some people would opt for that, but you also need a way for your readers to say thanks for the resources you provide or just offer words of encouragement.

I also couldn’t find a name. Forgive me if I missed it, and again you may have done this intentionally, but I’d like to know how to buy your work when you get published.

I’ll definitely come back – as I said, I enjoyed reading your posts so far.


howibecameawriter - November 29, 2010

Hi Mel,

Thanks for your comments and advice. You will notice I have now changed the set up to allow comments on the blog.

At this stage I am leaving my name out intentionally but I will be sure to add links to any work I get published.

Thanks for your support and I look forward to your next post too!

2. the rhythm method - January 10, 2011

Wow, you have me wanting to know more. I had similar realisations about writing (and life), but for me it came about at the same time as becoming a mother. How you spend your days is how you spend your life – I don’t know who said that, but its true. There is a lot to be said for pursuing your passions. Its a hard road, but even if you can find a little bit of time everyday for your writing, you will be amazed what comes out of you.
Good luck, will be back. 🙂

3. howibecameawriter - January 10, 2011

That is so true! I admire you mums out there doing all of this extra curricular activity as well as raising little ones, it inspires me to stop procrastinating and just get on with it! Thanks for reading 🙂

4. Emil - February 5, 2011

Nice blog! You are definitely on your way to becoming a writer/author. As Paulo Coelho wrote in his book The Alchemist: “when you really want something, the universe conspires to help you achieve it…”. So keep on blogging! Cheers!

5. Mulika - February 20, 2011

I would be one of your supporters. it was steve jobs who inspired me too ” Live in your own dreams someone else”.i have this dream to have my own bussiness at the age 30 years old. i am now 29 years old, i have one more year to go. i have no time to waste.

there would be inner conflict between the passion we have and income for daily needs to survive. we would have a questions like “if i quit how can i feed my self/family?” we end up having uncertainty in our emotions, inner struggle to choose between Passion & the needs of income to get by.

keeps doing it till it become your habit. as we all know habit die hard.Smile~

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